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Corporate Business Account

Avenues To Help Your Business:

Your business depends on many electronic devices to keep operations smoothly and efficiently. Productivity often decreases if one of your company issued devices breaks down. Our FREE Corporate Business Repair and Maintenance Plans ensure that all of your devices are running at an optimal level.


At Twisted iPhone we offer solutions to fit the size of your business and the amount of devices issued to your employees. We have convenient pick up, shipping, and delivery options in place so you can focus on the important aspects of operating your business.


Offline time for your business can be devastating, costly and time consuming. With our Corporate Business Plan, you have access to Priority Repairs, Free Delivery or Return Shipping, Discounted Rates, and Personalized Customer Support. We have partnered with many local businesses and organizations and would love to provide the same high quality and fast service to your business.

Please call Kylar Smith at (214) 883-8980 or email us at to set up your FREE business account. 

Setting up an account with us is very simple and doesn't take but 30 seconds. The reason we offer these services for free is that we know you'll be amazed with us,  we'll have a long relationship for years to come.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency Of Your Business

Device Repair Plans for Company Issued Phones & Tablets

Benefits for Small & Large Businesses
  • Corporate discounted rates for your business

  • FREE for any business, no minimum devices required

  • Net 30 Invoicing

  • On-Site service with convenient pick-up and delivery options

  • Fast service and turnaround times on all devices

  • No information transfer or data loss

  • Highly trained certified technicians

  • Extended warranty on all Smart Device repairs

  • Extend Business Discounts to your employees for personal use

*Fill out form and email to us.
Please call if you have any questions.
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