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Countdown to The Parker Lee Project Fundraiser

For the month of June last year we ran a very special event. We wanted to give a gift to The Parker Lee Project in honor of their namesake Parker Lee Reynolds' birthday. Parker was born on 6.30.2010 and lived with a number of medical complications. Her parents started this foundation to help other families in similar situations receive the medical supplies and equipment that are necessary for their children's survival. For their full story check out the foundation's website,

This year we are bringing the fundraiser back! Throughout the month of June each tempered glass and case sold at every Twisted iPhone location will lead to the donation of $6.30 to The Parker Lee Project. At the end of the month we will tally up the total and let you see how your contributions add up to give a great gift to this amazing charity!  80 cases and tempered glass were sold in June 2017 and we even received a few cash donations to add on top of the $504 we donated ourselves.  This year our goal is 100 cases/tempered glass, for a total of at least $630 in donations! We know our communities can make this happen.

Check out The Parker Lee Project's Facebook page to see how your gifts make an immense difference for families around the world.

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